Concerned with the lack of adequate fire protection for the City of Haskell and surrounding areas, the City Leaders formed the Haskell Volunteer Fire Department in 1978.

The first fire truck purchased was a 1949 Ford. Originally this truck was housed in the carport of a Charter Member. This changed in 1979 when the Mitchell Fire Station was completed. This truck was the main apparatus for the department until 1984 when the City purchased a new FMC pumper.


A Rescue department was started for the City and in 1997 this department was incorporated as a division of the fire department.


A three bay addition was completed on the Mitchell Fire Station.


Long time Chief Roy Carmen retired from the department with 21 years of service as chief of the department.


A (2) bay substation was built on Grand Avenue. This station currently houses (1) engine and 1 brush truck. The original Mitchell station, which contains (3) truck bays, was renovated into a training facility.


Completion of an additional 2 bay fire station located at 411 Hwy 229


Minimum 18 years of age (16 years of age for Cadet program)
Valid Arkansas Drivers License
Must live within the boundaries of the fire protection district


The opportunity to serve your community. Workers compensation insurance will provide for your medical bills from an injury incurred while training or participating in fire fighting or rescue activities and LOPFI retirement program.

How Do I Contact the Fire Department ?
Dial 911 for all emergiencies!
What Is My Insurance Rating ?

Currently the ISO classification rating is a 3/9 for the Haskell Fire Department.

This means that any homes outside the city limits within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant are rated as a class 3 and all other homes are rated as a class 9.

All homes within the city are also rated a class 3.

How Much Do I Pay for Fire Protection ?
If you live within the city limits, fire protection is provided at no cost.

Areas outside of the city are required to pay annual dues of $50.00

What If I Don't Pay My Annual Dues ?

What happens if I live outside of the City and do not pay the annual membership dues?

If there is a fire on your property you will be billed for the services.

The charges are:

  • Structure Fire or Hazmat Incident – $500/hour for each engine or tanker and $250/hour for service truck or rescue.
  • Vehicle Fire – $250/hour for engine
  • Brush and/or Grass Fire – $500/hour for each engine and/or tanker and $250/hour for each brush truck, service truck or rescue.
How Do I Obtain An Incident Report ?
Please contact the Haskell City Hall at 501.776.2666 and the report will be available within (2) days.